31 October 2006

Crystal Renn

Asca, a min tamén me mola...

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Blogger A pirámide said...

Non nos enganes, xornalistiña. Es ti.

8:23 pm  
Blogger Ritterorden said...

You can view more images of this model at:

- Crystal Renn site

12:00 am  
Blogger ascárida said...

a quen non lle guste é que non lle corre sangue polas veas

8:50 pm  
Blogger oko said...


11:58 am  
Blogger Fer said...

Uf, como me acavam de ponher :S :S

6:38 pm  
Blogger Caufield said...


1:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lindissima! another model who I adore is a sexy brazilian bombshell

those look like women who carry true beauty to me.

12:42 am  

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